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  • Why is a levy needed?
    This levy is a renewal of an emergency (flat rate) levy. The levy is used to fund district operational costs, including, but not limited to staffing, busing, utilities, and supplies. The levy will generate $1.275 million per year for 10 years. The renewal of this levy will allow for continued cashflow to the district to maintain the current level of education provided to all students.
  • What makes Van Buren Local Schools great?
    The Van Buren community has long expected that its schools deliver a comprehensive, quality education to its students. The schools have delivered, providing education that consistently meets or exceeds increasing state and federal educational requirements. This issue will allow the district to preserve the educational excellence the community has come to expect from its schools.
  • What is on the ballot?
    An emergency (flat rate) property tax levy is on the ballot. A property tax levy is the collection of taxes charged on the value of property. County officials charge and collect the tax under the terms specified in the tax levy proposal. An emergency levy is a property tax that serves as a limited operating levy (maximum of 10 years) proposed for a specific dollar amount. Because the dollar amount of taxes charged by the levy must stay constant, the millage rate increases or decreases as property values change.
  • Where is the money going?
    This levy is to raise general operating dollars for the district. General operating dollars are used for the day to day operations of the district. Including, salaries and benefits, school supplies, maintenance, custodial, and food service expenses, utility cost, special education, preschool, student College Credit Plus classes, counseling services, transportation costs, extra-curricular activities, and other educational opportunities. Passage of this levy will allow the district to maintain the current level of state and nationally rated staff and programs, as well as maintain our aging facilities and fleet. ​ Because 70-80% of the school's expenses are teacher and staff salaries, most of the funds will be used to retain and recruit great instructors. The remainder will support other operating expenses like school supplies, buses, and utilities. Funds will also be used for building maintenance, but not for any new building(s).
  • Who will pay the levy?
    This tax is a property tax levy. Property owners within the district will pay based on the value of their properties. There has been an increase of properties within our district, so the cost of this levy for each homeowner is DECREASING!
  • Why do school districts need to ask for levies?
    Funding of schools from the State of Ohio has been a controversial affair for a number of years. The Ohio Supreme Court reviewed the DeRolph vs. State of Ohio case three separate times (in 1997, 2000, and 2002) and ruled the current state funding model unconstitutional all three times. Despite being deemed unconstitutional, no changes have been made from the state. This requires districts to continue to ask taxpayers for additional funding to cover the ever-rising costs of education. Learn more about DeRolph vs. the State of Ohio here.
  • What will my taxes be if this levy passes?
    Use the following formula to calculate your taxes: Home valuation x 0.35 = taxable value Taxable value x 0.003 = amount of taxes paid to the district *Please note, the millage of this levy is 3.0, which is 1.2 mills less than the last time the levy was renewed in 2020.
  • Does Van Buren have a spending problem?
    No. According to the Ohio Performance Team that completed the performance audit, there are only 8 similar districts in the state that spend less than Van Buren does.

Success for VBS!



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