What is the impact of the November 2020 levy renewal?

Current Reductions

Mid 2019-2020 -A hiring freeze for all vacated positions unless replacement is a regulatory requirement. -A spending freeze for all non-critical, non-emergency supplies and materials. -A restriction on professional development training and education for staff. -A restriction of all non-regular school-sponsored transportation (regular transportation is defined as “to and from school”). This includes all remaining elementary school field trips. **These strategies resulted in $600,000 in reductions from the November 2019 projections. 2020-2021 School Year -Not replacing 1 middle school ELA teacher, elementary school librarian, and an assistant treasurer position, which were all vacated due to retirement. -The previously agreed upon increase to the base salary of 2% for the 2020-2021 school year was decreased to 1% for all certified teachers. -Reduction of 1 elementary aide. -Eliminated all extended days for 4 staff members. -Reduced extended days by 50% for 3 staff members. A performance audit has been completed, outlining potential areas the district can save money in the future. Please view the audit here.

My Property Value

It is estimated that if the November renewal levy fails, the property value of Van Buren residents could drop by 6-12% in the coming years. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_blBNBFVB2kcC1LWF8zSlo0eVdlMWlzOW1tcVhuWjlKR0hv/view?usp=sharing

Future Reductions

This is the last chance to renew this levy before the funding to the district stops. Losing the $1.275 million per year will have substantial financial impact on the district. The specific cuts and losses have not yet been outlined by the Board of Education, but will be updated here when available. The cut list will include the same positions as listed during the March 2020 income tax, with a possibility of additional cuts needed to make up the difference. Please see the excerpt from Board of Education letter sent on January 15, 2020 outlining the scenarios.

How much is $1.275 million?

This levy generates $1.275 million annually for the district. $1,275,000 would equal: 137 Buses or 30.36 Entry Year teachers or 25.5 Mid Career teachers or 33.5 Custodians or 55.45 Bus Drivers In other words, failure to pass this renewal levy could dismantle the district. Van Buren Local Schools would not be recognizable without this funding.

Success for VBS!